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November 4-5, 2020
Virtual | Online

Chief Experience Officer Exchange Resources

CXO Virtual Exchange November Event Guide

The Chief Experience Officer Virtual Exchange Agenda is here! Chief Experience Officer (CXO) Exchange brings together senior-level customer experience executives across industries to discuss the latest strategies across end to-end experience channels and touch points.

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CXO Current Attendee List

Interested in attending Chief Experience Officer Exchange? Take a look at who is already attending. For more information, feel free to email us.

Customer Experience Analytics: Aligning Business With Customers

Customer Experience: as a program, is the aggregation of all customer interactions with the objective of uncovering and disseminating insights, in order to improve the experiences customers have with your company. Learn more about Christopher Stark's presentation last November at CCO Exchange. 

Digital Reports

Special Report: Priorities for the Chief Experience Officer

After decades of struggling for buy-in, the customer experience function has finally started to secure a seat at the executive table.  Organizations are increasingly appointing “chief customer officers” and “chief experience officers” to oversee the function at the high-level.It is time for executives to make the most of the opportunity...

GDPR: Your Ticket to Customer Centricity

For the past several years, thought leaders have enthusiastically trumpeted the value of data.  Advocating for “personalized experiences,” they have urged organizations to collect and use as much customer data as possible.On May 25, a seemingly oppositional force will take effect:  the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). By restricting...

Buying Solutions for Your Contact Center: The Good News, Bad News, and the Bridge to Connect Them

The conventional solution process actually creates problems for contact center executives.  It may generate excitement over particular innovations, but it may not confirm about fitness for specific applications. It may not provide an actionable, valid blueprint for actually making the most of the new technology.Ultimately, it may not inspire contact...

Say Goodbye To Omnichannel, Say Hello To Omnimoment

Presented by CCW Digital, Thought leaders may speak extensively about cutting-edge digital channels, but customers continue to seek support the old fashioned way. Customers care more about outcomes than channels.  What is your organization doing to solve your customer's challenges? Across one channel? multiple channels? Check out this report.  

Solution Provider Information

2019 Executive Exchange Solution Providers Guide

Chief Experience Officer ExchangeNovember 3-5, 2019 | JW Marriott Marquis Miami, FLThe CXO Exchange welcomes senior executives to site one-on-one for consultative business meetings with best in breed solution providers.Prior to the Exchange, these executive spend 30-45 minutes with one of our analysts to determine if their seniority and buying...

Report: Customer Experience Journey Mapping

Customer journey maps are so much more than a handy visualization tool for rooting out pain points and gaps in the customer experience. The goal is to take those insights on board and turn them into goals for your business. Done right, a customer journey map can help you answer...

Report: Patient Experience

Today marks the era of customer centricity, and few business leaders struggle to recognize the customer experience as a valuable concept.They know that the totality of the experience – not just the purchasing process – impacts the relationship between a brand and customer.Leaders in some industries may not, however, appreciate...

The Exchange Success Story:

Discover how participation in one-to-one business meetings at the Exchange quieted a noisy market and secured new clients!

Past Presentations

Berkshire Museum: Keys to Relevance and Longevity

"Bringing people together for experiences that spark creativity and innovative thinking by making inspiring educational connections among art, history, and natural science."Take a look at this presentation from CXO Exchange 2018 by Craig Langlois, Chief Experience Officer, and Nina Garlington, Chief Engagement Officer. 

Ed Brodensiek: A New Way to Think of Brand - The Coming Convergence of CX & EX

Take a look at this past presentation from CXO Exchange 2018 on the coming convergence of CX & EX by Ed Brodensiek, Former CXO, Miles & Stockbridge + Former Head of Brand and Communications, Select Medical. 

Hiram Barber: Digital Engagement in the Age of Customer

Take a look at this presentation from CXO Exchange 2018 by Hiram Barber, Seamless Digital Experience Leader, Schneider Electric. Hiram talks about Who is Schneider Electric, Delivering Seamless Experiences @scale, Digital Transformation @scale, and Considerations & ‘Blueprint’. 

Living Core Values: How Values, Mission, and Vision Shape the (Patient & Family) Experience

Take a look at this past presentation from CXO Exchange 2018 by Jason Dupuis, Patient Experience Officer & Director of Employee Learning & Development, PM Pediatrics. Jason covers the topic of Living with Core Values. 

AI-Powered CX: Myth, Magic, or Must?

Take a look at SmartAction's presentation from CXO Exchange 2018 where they cover topics such as "Main Ways to Integrate Conversational AI into Your Customer Experience."

The Future of Customer Service is Here-- Are you ready?

Take a look at this past presentation from CXO Exchange 2018 by Joe Gagnon, CEO, Spark Central, where he covers the future of customer service and how to prepare for it. 

Cassandra Crowe-Jackson: What to do today to drive Cultural Transformation and Accountability

Take a look at this past presentation by Cassandra Crowe-Jackson, VP Patient Experience, UM UCH where she identifies THE best practice for trust building (Cassandra’s theory), discusses tools used for reigniting empathy into daily practice, and describe tactics for developing meaningful partnerships. 

Customer experience in the New Health Economy: The data cure

Take a look at this past presentation by Jamie Gunsior, Digital Healthcare Leader, PwC where she talks about CX in the new healthcare economy. 

Patient Experience: Connecting with Empathy

Take a look at this presentation by Jennifer Packard from Mayo Clinic about Patient Communication Training, Education, & Coaching (PXTEC).

Jon Souder: Patient Experience Market Connect

"We help clients anchor on experience as a primary market differentiator to drive economic benefit. This isn't about improving experience scores, it’s about creating strategic advantage." Take a look at this past presentation from our PX Exchange 2018. 

Sara Laskey: Real Time Feedback Real Time Results

Take a look at this past presentation from our PX Exchange 2018 by Sara Laskey, MD VP CXO, The MetroHealth System, Office of Patient Experience. 

The New Patient Journey: How to achieve success through online reputation management

Take a look at this past presentation from PX Exchange 2018 by Tania Mercer from Chatmeter where she talks about how to achieve success through online reputation management. 

Connected Patient Experience Research: Global Mobile & Connected Health Study

Take a look at this past presentation from PX Exchange 2018 by Tim Pantello, Connected Health & Technology MD, PwC, where he talks about Global Mobile & Connected Health Study. 

Cognizant Digital Customer Service

Cognizant's solution to the digital revolution redefining customer expectations empowers customers and enriches their experience while helping businesses deliver on outcomes. Take a look at their presentation from CCO Exchange last November. 

Jyllene Miller, Concentrix: CCO Exchange

Jyllene Miller from Concentrix talks about dramatically different customer digital behaviors. Take a look at her presentation from CCO Exchange last November. 

Strategies for transforming your organization to be customer-centric

Avis Faldu, Head of Customer Experience, Insights at DocuSign talked about strategies for transforming you organization to be customer-centric at CCO Exchange this past November. Take a look! 

Delivering on Experience Strategy: How Wall Street Journal Transformed to CX-Centric & Data First

Take a look at this presentation from CCO Exchange last November by the Wall Street Journal on how they transformed to become customer experience centric and data first.