GDPR: Your Ticket to Customer Centricity

GDPR: Your Ticket to Customer Centricity

For the past several years, thought leaders have enthusiastically trumpeted the value of data.  Advocating for “personalized experiences,” they have urged organizations to collect and use as much customer data as possible.

On May 25, a seemingly oppositional force will take effect:  the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

By restricting how European organizations and/or organizations communicating with European customers can collect, process, store and leverage data, the GDPR bottlenecks customer intelligence strategies.  It turns the pursuit of customer data from a bottomless opportunity into a pressing strategic challenge.

 In this report learn how to take GDPR, and turn it into your new customer-centric strategy for the future. Key topics include:

  • Focusing on Data Strategy
  • Unifying All your Customer Contact Systems
  • Emphasizing Value Over Noise
  • Stressing Security

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