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November 4-5, 2020
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Report: Patient Experience

Report: Patient Experience

Today marks the era of customer centricity, and few business leaders struggle to recognize the
customer experience as a valuable

They know that the totality of the experience – not just the purchasing process – impacts the relationship between a brand and customer.

Leaders in some industries may not, however, appreciate the true stakes of the customer experience.  They may not understand why the process of subscribing to a magazine or buying a toaster needs to be free of any undue effort, let alone intimately personal and completely unforgettable.

That problem does not – or, at least, should not – affect organizations that deliver patient experiences. Medical issues carry inherent emotional stakes, and the experience associated with the medical
journey carries undeniable significance.

While medical providers may not always have to think about competitive pressure or repeat business in the way a retail store does, they still face tremendous pressure (and incentive) to consider every
individual nuance of the experiences they provide.

This special report explores some of those nuances.  It reveals the challenges and strategies that must be top-of-mind for providers, before sharing perspectives from two highly accomplished patient
experience leaders.

Interestingly, the best practices and topics explored in this piece do not dramatically differ from the customer experience issues relevant to other sectors.

Thanks to the unique nature of patient care, the urgency is nonetheless far easier to grasp.

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