Complete Your Solution Sourcing Needs This Year

Introducing Customer Management Practice's 2021 Annual Exchange Membership

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Maintain Flexibility Across A Year Of Exchanges

Create a custom schedule with your Exchange Representative that fit your priorities.

Take your pick from the exchange schedule

Bring your project lead

Cater your meetings with project needs

Build your schedule based off topic interests

Match Made In Heaven

Prioritize your projects and meet 1:1 with solution providers who can solve your most pressing challenges.

Regular check-ins to customize your solution matches

Cut through the noise of RFP processes

Vetted solution providers to tackle your main goals

Align meetings with your project timeline

Connect With The Best In The Industry

Connect with industry leaders throughout the year to discuss and share best practices. As an Annual Exchange Member, you have the opportunity to gain visibility as a speaker or panelist at a future event and have the ability to attend world-class:

Keynote Sessions Interactive Panel Discussions


Virtual Roundtables

1:1 Business Meetings that are most relevant to you and your organization

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2021 Exchange Guides

View the delegate or sponsor guide to learn more about the exchange format, agenda at a glance, benefits of joining, 2021 exchange schedule, and more. Want to chat further? Email us today.

Delegate Guide

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Sponsor Guide

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