Wednesday, September 9

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12:00PM-3:00PM ET

Pre Conference Workshops

Design Thinking University

12:00 pm - 3:00 pm 101: Brand New to Design Thinking An interactive experience exploring the foundational concepts of the Design Thinking methodology.
An interactive experience exploring the foundational concepts of the Design Thinking methodology.

This introduction to Design Thinking provides a crash course on the design thinking mindset, from the fundamentals of human-centered design to the design thinking mindset in practice. At the conclusion of Design Thinking University, you’ll feel confident in your ability to action design thinking principles throughout your organization. This session is ideal for those who are new to design thinking methods.

Should I attend? This session is ideal for those who are new to design thinking methods, need a deeper understanding of the design thinking process or who require a refresher on how to effectively facilitate the design thinking process.

Facilitation Boot Camp

12:00 pm - 3:00 pm Finding Your Axis - Know How to Pivot Using Human Centered Design
Brian Roderman - President and Chief Innovation Officer, IN2 Innovation

The ability – or inability – to pivot is one of the major themes of this year. Easy to say, right? But It can be tough to pull off a major shift. How do you deliver? 

A successful pivot is directly tied to one of the core behaviors in Design Thinking:  the ability of you, your team, and your organization to create Empathy. You can’t just acknowledge your users from a distance; you must understand their problem from their perspective. 


How is the focus of this collaborative workshop. You’ll see examples of success (and failure) to deliver a user-centered pivot, and you’ll come away with new tools and maps to support your organization do it – in this crisis or the next one.


Brian Roderman

President and Chief Innovation Officer
IN2 Innovation

Design Thinking in Real Life

12:00 pm - 3:00 pm Soaring with Your Dragon
Shawn Nason - CEO & Chief Ecosystem Disruptor, MOFI

To right all those wrongs you see, you have to do no harm, break a few rules, and proceed until apprehended. In fact, that’s just what you were hired for. People need to know your  intent by understanding your heartset and seeing you being authentically you. So stop  asking for permission and begging for forgiveness and just start soaring!


In this action-packed, highly immersive 90-minute flight, you will get the practical, concrete tools you need to burn down the barriers that stand in the way of getting sh*t done. As an added bonus, you will never look at dragons the same way again. Buckle up and hold on!


Shawn Nason

CEO & Chief Ecosystem Disruptor

Should I Attend? This session is ideal for leaders looking to build their facilitation skills and for those who will begin facilitating workshops at scale. You will learn best practices around the soft skills necessary to drive your purpose home. 

Workshop 2

At MURAL, we are determined to help people continue making meaningful connections even when they cannot meet in person. We have teammates around the world who need to collaborate, so we know the frustration and challenges that can arise with remote work. 


Join remote collaboration experts Mark Tippin and Hailey Temple for a session on:

• Tools you need to build a strong digital workspace

• Different ways to work together when you cannot be in the office

• Best practices for remote work teams

• Establishing and building trust with teammates and managers

• Methods to make remote collaboration productive


Everyone who registers will receive our comprehensive guide to building a Remote Work Resiliency Plan to use with their teams.


Hailey Temple

Learning Experience Lead


Mark Tippin

Head of Learning Experience

Lead by ExperiencePoint is a live, hands-on and interactive 90-minute workshop by ExperiencePoint, the world’s leading innovation training company specializing in building human-centered design capabilities within a company's core. Lead by ExperiencePoint, one of ExperiencePoint’s newest products, holds the unique and timely ability to empower any leader to successfully lead through innovation and transformation during times of uncertainty and ambiguity.

Participants will be guided through the key skills required to create and maintain a culture of innovation. They will define their own, unique challenge and engage with a series of interactive and mobile-driven activities designed to fortify their skills as an innovation leader.

Innovation can't wait. We look forward to you joining us. 

Lead by ExperiencePoint is for:

  • Any leader, regardless of their function or industry, who needs to successfully lead through innovation and transformation.

Leaders who attend this workshop will:

  • Acquire the skills and processes needed to catalyze, champion, propel and maintain a culture of innovation.
  • Explore extreme and analogous users to identify key opportunities for innovation.
  • Identify a real challenge, develop the beginnings of a “Project Brief” and prepare to encourage innovators in their organization.

Additional Details and Tech Requirements 

  • Virtual delivery is by an ExperiencePoint-trained facilitator. 
  • Lead by ExperiencePoint is guided by one of ExperiencePoint’s proprietary technology simulations.
  • Individual laptops with video and audio capability, as well as a mobile device are required. 

Greg Warman

Principle and Co-founder

3:15 pm - 3:45 pm Awards & Awards Gala

3:45 pm - 4:15 pm Happiness Hour

Join fellow attendees for a fun, welcome Zoom party brought to you by Cisco. After some briefing opening remarks, we will be diving in to Zoom breakouts for a meet and greet.  Following are four prompt questions to get the conversations started:

1. Introduce yourself: name, company, role.

2. What is your biggest challenge as a design thinker?

3. If you think 10 year from now, how do you see the face of DT changing?

4. What is your favorite food?