7 Short Perspectives on Experience Design

7 Short Perspectives on Experience Design


Experience Design houses the expertise of many Design Thinking champions within an organization. The tools, techniques, and practice around a Customer Experience offers the initiative and prioritization of human-centered design in many organizations.

Coming back from our Experience Design 2020 program in Denver, we have taken some time to compile and reflect upon the Future of Experience Design with some insights from our speaker faculty.

Andy Vitale, Strategic Design & Innovation Leader

I think we are at a critical point in time where experience designers really need to focus on solving the right problems that have a positive impact on people and society as a whole. It’s not about just solving complex problems for humans, it is about being inclusive, embracing diversity and bringing people into the design process who have different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences than you do. We need to hold ourselves, our companies, and each other accountable and understand the potential consequences of our actions. Our intent should be to create responsible products, services, and solutions that are ethical, sustainable and accessible.

Marcela Lay, VP Client Strategy and Head of Atlanta, Y Media Labs

As Smart Experience Design will become the norm, experience designers should be getting more comfortable analyzing data and extracting the key insights to ensure that innovative and value-added solutions can be created.

Robin Beers, SVP Customer Insights, Wells Fargo

With the proliferation of AI-powered capabilities, design projects are more data projects as opposed to merely interface projects. At the start of the project, we have to first determine and validate what data does the customer have and how can it be harnessed as part of the experience design to save users time and make the tasks they need to do more convenient and seamless.

Dan Schulte, Brand Manager, Whirlpool

Over the next 5 year, I believe that experience design will continue to gain momentum. I would say this is already a mainstream topic of conversation at the leadership levels of most consumer-facing functions. by the end of the next 5 years, I would expect a similar level of penetration across all functions (with internal customers receiving a desired level of experience).

Jarrod Joplin, SVP Experience Design, Bank of America

What I am really excited about is moving from the experience economy to the “transformational” economy as Joseph Pine predicts. I believe you already see companies and brands starting to put products and services into the world that are driving transformation whether they know it or not. Tesla, Peloton, Outdoor Voices come to mind. I think we will see more of this in the next 3-5 years. The digital and physical aspect of the companies will recede and the transformation whether personal or global will be the differentiator and drive business value. What will be really interesting to see will be how large financial service companies embrace this trajectory because truly they have the most opportunity to drive real transformation in people’s lives.

Brittany Boyer, Technology Director of Digital Claims Experience, State Farm

Experience Designers should be focused on not only educating others on the holistic advantages of making improvements across the entire customer journey, but also on the ROI benefits of using this practice to inspire change. It’s important to articulate the expected outcomes and gains when designing a customer experience vision, strategy, and execution plan. Getting executives in front of customers immediately will help start establishing empathy, which will reinforce the need to use Experience Design across the omni-channel experience to improve the overall customer experience.

Shawn Nason, CEO, Eco-System Disruptor, MOFI

Experience Design is about curation. It's an art form. It's putting the user experience at the center of your focus so that you are solving the right problem, for the right person or groups of people.

To see full thoughts from our Experience Design 2020 speakers, download the full report here