#MeetMeMondays: Andrew Webster - VP of Transformation, ExperiencePoint

#MeetMeMondays: Andrew Webster - VP of Transformation, ExperiencePoint


Say hi to Andrew Webster!

Andrew Webster is the Vice President of Transformation at ExperiencePoint, a global leader in helping organizations build and apply innovation and change capability. He leverages over 15 years of experience designing and delivering working models, design sprints, change interventions and training programs to develop user-centric problem-solving approaches and solutions. Under Andrew's leadership, over 10,000 people in over 40 countries have been impacted through experience and deliberate practice with new tools. In addition to working with executives from firms such as Walmart, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, Deloitte, MetLife and Microsoft, Andrew is a driving force in evolving ExperiencePoint's strategy and leads select innovation initiatives. He has taught executives in many leading universities, including Harvard Business School and IMD. His secondary passion is the pursuit of deep fried foods and ice cream combinations.

What is your role?

Andrew: VP of Transformation

Why Design Thinking Austin 2020?

Andrew: Incredible opportunity to learn about emerging challenges and opportunities in our field

Fun Fact?

Andrew: I've run design thinking workshops in more than 35 countries

Where to catch Andrew at Design Thinking 2020

Pre-Conference Day: Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Track Three: Design Thinking in Real Life

Join four comprehensive workshops to address the hardest aspects of Design Doing in your organization. This series of workshops addresses Design Thinking in Real Life catered to our intermediate Design Thinkers. It’s easy enough to learn the steps of design thinking through hypothetical workshops with perfect parameters, timelines and participants. But what happens once you return home? Oftentimes, the starting point for Design Thinking is not a blank slate but instead includes pre-existing parameters and biases. There are never unlimited ideas to implement but rather constraints around budget, timelines, and organization-wide capabilities. How do we balance the essentials of impactful design, organizational requirements and limitations? Should I attend? This session is ideal for organizations and leaders that would consider themselves at the 201 level. You are past initial learnings about Design Thinking and how to facilitate the process. Instead, you need to focus on Design Doing. Your organization may be bought into design thinking but doesn’t necessarily understand the tactical implications of Design Doing.

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