#MeetMeMondays: Anthony D. Paul - Product Strategy & Foresight, GE Transportation

#MeetMeMondays: Anthony D. Paul - Product Strategy & Foresight, GE Transportation


Say hi to Anthony D. Paul!

Anthony D. Paul helps his partners design for the future and plan the evolution of their current organization—deconstructing wicked problems, into explorable, creative exercises, to align and motivate multi-disciplinary teams into action. Day-to-day, he is traveling to meet end users and project teams, facilitating discovery research and co-creation exercises, leading and mentoring creative team members, or MacGuyvering his own prototypes to communicate and evaluate ideas. At the end of the day, Anthony is an expert generalist, armed with an array of survival hacks and a passion for creating sense from ambiguity. He is also a regular international educator and workshop facilitator on topics of future studies, UX research and design, product vision-setting, usability/accessibility, and remote team management.

What is your role?

Anthony: Product Strategy and Foresight

Why Design Thinking Austin 2020?

Anthony: I'm interested in collaborating with other transformation leaders, to navigate the challenges of today's disruptive business and design climate.

Fun Fact?

Anthony: I hand-washed wild marine animals in the Exxon Valdez oil spill. And yes, we used donated Dawn dish soap.

Where to catch Andrew at Design Thinking 2020

Main Conference Day 1: Thursday April 16, 2020

3:30 PM Interactive Discussion Groups

In order to innovate at today’s rate of change, the talent on your team must be top notch. Discuss with your peers how to recruit, upskill, upskill and optimize leading talent:

1. Becoming Sexy

2. Balancing Native and Non-Native Designers

3. Scale at Speed

4. Where is the Talent?

5. The A-Team

6. Career Pathing HIPO employees 

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