Welcome to Design Thinking 2019 this April 14-16 at the JW Marriott Austin, Texas!

Welcome, Design Thinkers!

By: Marisa White

Hello Design Thinkers!

Wow! Design Thinking has come a long way. Just two years ago, we faced a steep learning curve, addressing “What is Design Thinking” versus the present evolution of Design Thinking being to CX Executives what Six Sigma is to Operations Leaders. That being said, this is still far from a universal understanding of the core principles of design thinking, best practices for implementation, and buy-in to the ROI of design transformation.

With a wide spectrum of maturity, from “design-led” to just starting to wrap your head around Design Thinking, core principles characterize successful innovation and customer empathy. This year we aim to focus on leading challenges, trends, and opportunities as developed from our CMP Analysts:

Customer Empathy—The heart of Design Thinking! We tackle all aspects of customer empathy from ethnographic research, VoC best practices, empathy immersion, and gathering feedback in highly-regulated ecosystems.

The ROI of Design Thinking—As Design Thinking takes root, formalized reporting and case studies continue to emerge to better quantify the impact of successfully leveraged Design Thinking.

Design Transformation—Design Thinking expands far beyond product and service innovation, uniting stakeholders, creating visibility, transforming process, and bridging siloes. We explore customer-centric culture transformation through the effective use of Design Thinking.

We are excited to package these themes together with inspiring case examples, tactical implementation plans, and hands on workshops to drive understanding, complete with a peer-to-peer network of design thinkers.

As 2019 marks our 20th year in CX research and events, we know first-hand how rapidly customer experience is evolving. In an age of constant disruption, Design Thinking offers leaders, executives, and practitioners alike an avenue to drive sustainability, growth, and relevance as experiences transform.  We hope to involve you in this journey!

See you in Austin,

Customer Management Practice