Important: COVID-19 Related FAQ

1. Why did you postpone at such a late date?

As COVID-19 only had a few cases in the last weeks, we were fully prepared to hold the event as scheduled. However, once it was apparent that the virus was getting a foothold in the US, out of an abundance of caution we decided to postpone Design Thinking Austin 2020. The health and safety of our attendees, partners and employees is paramount, and we have worked around the clock in the last week to secure alternate dates so that the country has time for the virus to pass before gathering a large number of people together.

2. When and where is Design Thinking now being held?

Design Thinking Austin is now being held at the Hilton Austin (same venue) on September 8-11, 2020.

3. What happened to my registration?

Your registration has automatically been moved to the new Design Thinking Austin event dates.

4. What happens to our registration if we can’t make the new dates?

If you do not think you’ll be able to make the new dates, please contact your attendee relationship manager for a list of options.

5. Can I get a refund?

If you have to cancel your registration you are entitled to a 90% credit voucher for your registration. Please contact your attendee relationship manager for a list of options for that credit voucher.

6. Will the hotel move my reservations? Is the new room block available?

No, you are responsible for canceling your hotel rooms and rebooking with the hotel. We are currently working to confirm the new room block around the rescheduled dates and will be in touch with that information as soon as it becomes available.

7. I booked my travel and because you’re postponing I’m going to be penalized because I have to cancel or change my travel plans. Are you going to cover those expenses?

While we understand that this may cause some inconvenience due to the event being so close, we are taking this extreme measure for everyone’s own health and protection. Your travel expenses are your responsibility. You should be able to cancel your hotel reservation with no penalty, but if your airline requires any proof to procure a waiver of any change or cancellation fees, we would be happy to provide whatever documentation we can to help.

8. None of your other events are of interest to me. I only want to attend Design Thinking Austin.

That’s great! As we are still running Design Thinking Austin this year, but on September 8-11, 2020, your registration has already been moved and you’re good to go.

9. None of the other events are of interest to me and I can’t make the new dates. Please put my registration on to Design Thinking Austin 2021 next April.

I am sorry to hear that our other events are not of interest to you this year. If the only event you wish to attend is next year’s Design Thinking Austin (specific date range TBD), we will move your registration to that year’s event, however you will be responsible for any change in pricing.

10. We were sponsoring the event. What happens to our sponsorship investment?

Your sponsorship will automatically be put onto the new dates for the event.

11. What happens to our sponsorship if we can’t make the new dates?

Please contact your business development manager for a list of available options.

12. Any other questions?

Please email