Bill Nottingham

VP of Growth Nottingham Spirk

Bill is the Vice President of Growth for Nottingham Spirk, leading both the Business Devlopment and Marketing initiatives. As a member of the Nottingham Spirk (NS) Leadership Team. NS is a the Business Innovation Firm, founded in 1972 and one of the world’s longest standing private innovation firms. The NS team pioneered the Vertical InnovationTM process in collaboration with their client/partners to deliver product platform innovations resulting in over 1250+ global commercialized patents and over $50 Billion in retail sales for their clients. To date, 95% of all NS patents have been commercialized. Prior to joining Nottingham Spirk, he worked as an Automotive Designer at General Motors, in the advanced and production studios for the Cadillac Brand. Bill is a recent member of The Board of Industry Leaders for the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and is a member of the Health and Fitness and Smart Home Councils. Bill also serves on the Board of the Cleveland Institute of Art and Design. Bill is a frequent moderator, panelist and mainstage presenter at physical and virtual conference events on the topics of Breakthrough and Disruptive Innovation. Bill is a quarterly columnist in Smart Business magazine discussing topics around Disruptive Innovation. He has also been featured in a variety of podcasts and national media outlets, such as: Bloomberg Radio, Sirius XM, NPR and the Wharton Business School. He has been a Speaker at the Consumer Electronics Show, Forbes Magazine Summits, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Innovation Leader, The City Club of Cleveland, the RPM Global Leadership Summit, Front End of Innovation, Marcus Evans Innovation Conferences, and Global Executive Events (Las Vegas and Amsterdam).

Friday, September 11

Friday, September 11th, 2020

2:40 PM The Disruptive Power of Collaboration

With so much information at your fingertips, empathy presents exciting opportunities, as well as complexities. With a massive amount of transactional data, balancing the qualitative connections, human-driven insights, and strategic vision native to design thinking builds much larger implications.Is the future of AI about more data or less?

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