Danielle Galmore

Director of New Business Innovation Steelcase
I've always had a passion for entrepreneurship and started my first business in college. I chose a marketing and product development path that allowed me to learn the broader workings of larger, design centric businesses and their models. I have specific training in leading high impact teams, and discovered a love of leadership and mentorship. I have had the fortune to take those experiences and work as an intreprenenuer seeking new opportunities to serve our customers and their emerging needs around work, as well as finding new revenue models, for a specific company. I love what I do in that I can form teams around a variety of business ideas, think ahead for new models and solutions, and test business in market as real prototypes in a quest to fine the perfect solution. Many don't make the cut, but the constant learning and deeper customer insights are a win in their own right. My current role is with Steelcase, a company dedicated to deeper understanding through user centered research and insights about people and work. Our mission: "to create great experiences wherever work happens". To that end, I'm a certified Experience Economy Expert and speak on that topic along with Understanding Intrepreneuership and using Learning Cycles to Drive Insight. I've worked on web-based business models and service based business models for Steelcase. Currently, I’m the company’s Director of New Business Innovation. As part of that role, in addition to working on specific businesses, I'm part of a team of five, who provide governance, a type of shark tank, for guiding and challenging innovation ideas in our company. We also work to provide a process for innovation. From mapping or "scanning and scouting" new opportunities and concepts, to moving them along with correct tollgates and milestones. I'm lucky to use my skills and passions in such a way!