Elayna Spratley

Design Thinking Coach Duo Security

Why Elayna?

Elayna Spratley is a passionate creative who uses empathy to craft exceptional digital and physical experiences. As a Design Thinking Coach at Duo Security, she creates and facilitates collaborative working sessions that drive innovation. Her role also includes leading training experiences for teaching others how to use the mindsets and methods of Design Thinking. Most recently, Elayna has been utilizing more of her design research skills in a strategic project to optimize the enterprise customer experience.

Her previous work experience includes designing a variety of enterprise products at IBM and Blackboard. Working on complex problems in education, cloud infrastructure, and corporate communications. In addition to her daily work, Elayna enjoys creating practices on her teams to promote greater collaboration, communication, and culture. These initiatives include:

  • Founding a studio community lunch group to improve co-worker relationships and empathy
  • Guiding multiple teams into adopting agile practices to increase design quality and delivery
  •  Designing an onboarding program to inform new hires more thoroughly and quickly
  • Leading a design patterns meeting series to gather and test UI components

Elayna believes that by iterating on a team’s experience you will increase the quality of your user’s experience.

Outside of her full-time job, Elayna has a passion for creating opportunities for people to discover more about themselves and optimize their life. She does this through public speaking, life development workshops, small group mindfulness facilitation and in a community support role in her meditation community. Also, she has been an entrepreneur for over a decade. She uses her vintage fashion pop up shop, photography and fashion styling to support individuals with building their vision.

For fun, Elayna enjoys traveling, cooking, dancing, karaoke, movies, spending time with her church & meditation friends and hiking with her boyfriend Maverick.

Workshop Day: Wednesday, September 9

Wednesday, April 15th, 2020

9:00 AM 201: Intermediate Design Thinkers

This introduction to Design Thinking provides a crash course on the design thinking mindset, from the fundamentals of human-centered design to the design thinking mindset in practice. Beyond just the step-by-step methodology, take this opportunity to live human-centered design with the opportunity to address real case You’ve started this journey—but are you effective at executing? This boot camp will deep dive into skills necessary to deliver effective workshops and sprints as a facilitator.

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Elayna.

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