Nis Frome

Co-Founder & VP of Product Alpha

Nis Frome is the Co-Founder & VP of Product at Alpha, the rapid consumer insights platform that enables agile teams to test, learn, and make data-driven decisions in ever-changing markets. Nis is also an angel investor, drone enthusiast, and spin evangelist.

Main Conference Day 1: Thursday September 10

Thursday, September 10th, 2020

12:25 PM Designing to Inspire: Developing the Why to Install Movement

Design Thinking is all about bringing a fresh perspective to long-standing problems within a team or organization. It’s all about finding a new and creative way to formulate questions, research and discover ideas, and work to understand the “why?” behind everything in order to reach a collaborative, innovative, and user-centric solution.
-          Begin your process with provoking a culture of empathy toward the consumer
-          Create a meaningful story amongst teams and the organization at large to incite recognition and understanding
-          Remember that cross-collaboration means appealing to a variety of different skillsets, mindsets, and objectives

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