Sean McDowell

Former VP of Design, Innovation, & Sustainability, Converse Nike, Inc.

Why Sean?

Sean McDowell is a designer and innovator who uses consumer focus groups to create revolutionary new ideas that drive commercial success. He is a professional coach who is a dedicated, inspirational and enthusiastic leader. He leads multi-disciplinary global teams to drive thoughtful and meaningful innovations that improve consumer’s lives.

Sean has experience managing teams within: innovation, sustainability, consumer trends, product design, retail, brand, experience, service and communications.

He understands product relevance, positioning, timing and holistic brand enhancing collections. He has a proven track record of developing and executing large, strategic and visionary programs (Converse Design, Innovation and Sustainability, Nike Running, 2008 Olympic Games, Sub-2 effort, Renew Collection).

Sean has received over 52 United States utility and design patents. Invented new products driven by biomechanics and ergonomics. (Ex. VaporMax, Total Shox, Victory Track Spike, Lunar Foam, Rollbar, Stability Web, Split Plate, etc.)

Workshop Day: Wednesday, September 9

Wednesday, September 9th, 2020

9:00 AM 301: Advanced Designers

This introduction to Design Thinking provides a crash course on the design thinking mindset, from the fundamentals of human-centered design to the design thinking mindset in practice. Beyond just the step-by-step methodology, take this opportunity to live human-centered design with the opportunity to address real case You’ve started this journey—but are you effective at executing? This boot camp will deep dive into skills necessary to deliver effective workshops and sprints as a facilitator.

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