Shawn Nason

CEO & Chief Disruptor MOFI

Why Shawn?

Shawn Nason, Founder, CEO & Chief Of Ecosystem Transformation, says, ‘Innovation Isn’t Work, Innovation Is A Lifestyle!” Those words accurately describe the roles he has had in his eclectic career; however, it does not describe the amazing journey he has been on and how he got to where he is today.

That journey to where he is today and what he is passionate about is personal, he can’t help it and is comfortable challenging the system that could have better helped him take care of both of his parents. A result of these experiences he chose to relentlessly pursue consumer-centered innovations in how health care can flip the model to put the member, patient, provider, and consumer at the center of its approach. He describes himself as the Chief Consumer Champion!

Fast forward to today. He has been blessed to start The Nason Group where their focus is to help their partners meet their consumers where they are at to better inform how they approach current and future products and services. He has deep passion for healthcare and the experience around healthcare. The tools we employ to impact healthcare are universal and accessible to anyone who wants to join us on the journey towards consumer-centered innovation.

He has learned through his career that deeply listening to the consumer is a key tenet of successful organizations and a bold move for leaders to undertake. His challenge to both small and large organizations is to evaluate deeply your commitment to the consumer. If you aren’t where you feel you need to be, go find someone (it doesn’t have to be The Nason Group) to help you put the consumer at the center of the products and services you offer. Putting the consumer at the center of your business model will ensure your ability to adapt, adjust, and perform as a business.

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