Shawn Nason

CEO & Chief Ecosystem Disruptor MOFI

Why Shawn?

What do you call an insanely creative pastor/church musician with a finance degree who ends up in the health care industry after a short jaunt into higher education? Well, we’re not really sure what YOU call that, but we call him, “Shawn.” 

Shawn Nason lives his life with a commitment to make everyone he meets a part of his family. Armed with the gift of discernment, he has the uncanny ability to walk alongside people as they struggle to connect with their deepest passions and engage their most debilitating demons. He challenges the world around him to be fully present, get real, and knock down the barrier that separates the various compartments in their lives.

In the world of health care, Shawn’s on a mission to disrupt the status quo by daring changemakers to pour their hearts into their work while doubling down on a commitment to humanize the patient and employee experience. Unwilling to separate his pastor’s heart from his work in the business world, he unapologetically challenges health care leaders to quit the bullsh*t and think bolder about how to actually improve people’s lives.

Like a charisma-filled revival preacher, he’s endlessly searching for the next situation or idea to stir up, inspire, and make sure will never be the same. (If you know any, please let him know, but you may want to warn them first!)

Wednesday, September 9

Wednesday, September 9th, 2020

12:00 PM Soaring with Your Dragon

To right all those wrongs you see, you have to do no harm, break a few rules, and proceed until apprehended. In fact, that’s just what you were hired for. People need to know your  intent by understanding your heartset and seeing you being authentically you. So stop  asking for permission and begging for forgiveness and just start soaring!


In this action-packed, highly immersive 90-minute flight, you will get the practical, concrete tools you need to burn down the barriers that stand in the way of getting sh*t done. As an added bonus, you will never look at dragons the same way again. Buckle up and hold on!

Thursday, September 10

Thursday, September 10th, 2020

3:10 PM Find Your Inner Dragon

Some people walk slowly to the pool and dip their pinky toe in the shallow end to test the temperature. Not MOFI Founder Shawn “Man on Fire” Nason. He’s that guy who races to the pool, strips off his shirt, and jumps in headfirst. There might be a glimmer of “Is there even water in the pool?” but he has no concern for the temperature of the water ... or the concrete. 

Hear the never-been-told story of how this headfirst-jumping, status-quo-demolishing, dragon-kissing disruptor found his inner dragon so he could cut through the corporate bullsh*t to get things done. And discover how he manages to help the monotony preservers, the wait-one-hour-after-lunch waders, and the not-on-the-first-daters do the same. 

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Shawn.

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