Toby Bottorf

VP, Service & Experience Design EPAM | Continuum

Toby came to Continuum in 2010 to establish digital design, which he built from a discrete capability to a fully integrated strategic and design offering. He is now a Vice President in the service design line of business. He leads teams to design solutions for complex human and technical systems. His service design work builds on a career in UX and interface design, and focuses on integrating UX initiatives into broader CX and operational strategies. He is driven to solve the most complex problems, which are human-system problems. 

Toby’s passion is understanding where people find connection in their everyday interactions with products, services, and complex systems. He wants to build new systems that in addition to being very smart, also have great emotional intelligence, or at least good manners. 

Toby takes a systematic approach to identifying the right ideas and their emotional and functional criteria for success. He helps clients get better at prioritizing, roadmapping, and developing market-ready concepts. 

Toby holds a Master’s degree in Communications Design from the Institute of Design (IIT) and a B.A. in Art from Yale University. He is a frequent writer, conference speaker, competition judge and critic.