Welcome to Experience Design 2020

By: Marisa White

Welcome to Experience Design Week!

The changing landscape of digital, physical, and data presents a new realm of customer experience and behavior that businesses now can design for. No longer focusing on Experience Design tied solely to UX design, this year we push to explore the boundaries of what an experience really means and how to use design to impact the end result. This includes the intersection of physical and digital, employee engagement, brand as an ecosystem, sensory and emotional experiences. Not only will we explore the anatomy of an experience, but the tactical design requirements to include advanced analytics, AI/ Machine Learning and ethnographic research.

This year we have a variety of exciting opportunities to explore these themes.

Experience Keynotes

Continuing on to the themes of “What is Experience?” our keynotes explore different experience stories. From developing cultural transformation to laying the groundwork for digital transformation, creating holistic brand experience to developing emotional connection with consumers, our leaders span across industry and department exploring the experience transformation created within their organizations.

XD Therapy

It’s lonely in Experience Design! Many leaders are laying the groundwork to change the way an organization thinks. Not only this, the element of scale, sustainability, and ROI continue to create speed bumps in the face of progress. Within our XD Therapy sessions, attendees will get to sit and brainstorm with small groups of their peers to develop game plans to address some of the Experience Departments hardest challenges!

Case Tracks

There are so many thoughts, ideas, and cases around the various avenues of Experience Design, we split our presentations into three tracks to allow attendees to choose their own adventure with the most relevant case studies. Focused around Design & Innovation, People & Process, and Data & Technology, we allow for triple the speakers, successes, failures, and shared learnings throughout the two days.

Experience is today’s competitive advantage. Are you keeping pace?

See you in Denver!