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View the Full Event Guide: Experience Design 2020

At Experience Design 2020, attendees learned about experience design best practices from industry leaders with sessions targeted to both your specific function and sophistication of organizational experience design implementation. Check out what we planned this past year including:

Exclusive Content

Experience Design 101 (Part 1)

The concept and practice of Experience Design has been around for 20 years, but it continues to evolve and now has a greater focus on experiences that delight users instead of usability alone. Now, it is more important than ever to curate effortless user journeys through experience design. In part...

Experience Design 101 (Part 2)

In order to think like an experience designer, there are certain mindsets, tools, and key terms that can guide you in the right direction. In Part 2 of our Experience Design 101 guide, we’ve aggregated some key resources to help steer you in the right mindset and thought process of...

Experience Design 201

In Experience Design 201, we push to explore the next level of experience including additional layers on top of user-technology interaction. These additional layers include:EmotionalStrategicHolisticCultural

2020 Current Attendee Snapshot

Take a look at who attended Experience Design 2020, including executives from Spotify, Shutterstock and Wells Fargo. To get a copy of this sent to you directly, contact us here.

How Does Experience Design Fit in my Industry?

A beauty of experience design comes from the fact that it transcends industry. In today’s experience economy, the value of optimized customer experience is larger than ever before and detrimental if ignored. 

Key Workshop Sessions

It can be incredibly overwhelming if you're presented with such a number of incredible sessions from our top-notch speakers. We've gathered some of our popular sessions from Experience Design 2020!

Experience Design 2020 Speaker E-Book

We asked the speakers of our Experience Design 2020 program their perspective on the current, past and future state of Experience Design.

Debunking Myths About Experience Design

We tapped into the minds of experience design experts to shed light on what experience design means to them, their organization and the biggest myths about experience design. Featured experts:Cindy Chastain, SVP, Customer Experience & Design, MastercardRobin Beers PhD, SVP, Customer Insights & Experience Design, Wells FargoBianka McGovern, VP, User...

Site Tour Feature: Inworks

At Experience Design Week 2020, attendees toured Inworks, an innovation lab at the University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus. They've experienced the power of rapid, physical prototyping and dived into the interdisciplinary design methodologies that they use to make things that matter. In this feature, attendees learned: What...

2019 Presentations

Bianka McGovern: Design Beyond the Product

Bianka McGovern explains how to look at user experience from a human stand point rather than focusing on product features alone, and why we need to focus on the user journey and user’s goals around product strategy.

Neil Shah: The Future of Design

Neil Shah shares how meaningful design can contribute to creating a more holistic customer experience, and how we interact with the world in a more meaningful and valuable way through design.

Koji Pereira & Thaisa Fernandes: Design Sprint Tools & Resources

Koji Pereira and Thaisa Fernades walk you through how to foster an open environment to get people involved and get a deeper understanding about design, how to utilize research and design to facilitate cross-functional collaborative work, and how to connect the diverse dots in your organization to empathize holistically to...

Ben Judy & Lily Bather: Demystifying UX Strategy in your Organization

Ben and Lily describe how we do digital UX strategy at 7-Eleven with lots of practical tips and examples. You will be able to apply the framework to your work and start building a custom UX strategy for your organization.

Whitepapers/Special Reports

Special Report: The Digital CX

Are you serious about reducing customer effort? Do you truly honor customer preferences? Are you honestly committed to omnichannel engagement? You need not address those questions with words. The true answer lies in the quality of your digital customer experience.Customers of all demographics engage heavily in digital, which means it...

Special Report: The FP3 Experience

Customers know what they want. More importantly, they know that in the age of customer centricity, they do not have to compromise on that demand. If you cannot deliver it, someone else will. So what exactly do they want? They want the “FP3 Experience.” They want an engagement journey that...

Special Report: Customer Intent

Competent organizations aim to accommodate basic customer needs. Elite, customer-centric organizations go one step further.  They are not merely offering support; they are empowering customers to derive the most possible value from every interaction, at every touch point. There's a simple key to delivering this superior experience: understanding customer intent.Customer...

Special Report: Retail CX

Since 62% of customers say they will switch to a competitor after just 2 bad experiences, the customer experience obviously ranks as a top business concern. It is especially crucial for B2C retail organizations, who are very much in the experience business. The CX is the heart of what they...

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View the Event Guide: Experience Design 2020

At Experience Design 2020, learn about experience design best practices from industry leaders with sessions targeted to both your specific function and sophistication of organizational experience design implementation. Check out what we have planned for this year including:Speaker LineupTop-rated Sessions and Networking OpportunitiesDesign Sprint, XD Therapy SessionsExclusive Site ToursExpert speakers ...

About the Event

Attendee Kit

Looking to attend Experience Design 2021? Check out the Attendee Kit we gave out to our attendees that contain information about the event, current attendees, event partners and the fun things to do in Denver! To get a copy of this sent to you directly, contact us here. 

Experience Design: Custom Agenda

Experience Design 2020 was packed with educational sessions led by industry leaders, networking opportunities, an exclusive site tour and so much more. We put together a custom agenda based on three reoccurring themes throughout the conference:Data & TechnologyCulture & PeopleInnovation & DesignTake a look at the custom agenda to see...

2019 Past Attendee Snapshot

Take a look at the our past attendees who attended Experience Design Week 2019! Whether you work in experience design, innovation, human factors engineering or customer experience in your organization, this conference will deliver you immediately applicable value. To get a copy of this snapshot sent to you directly, contact...

2020 Experience Design Week ROI Toolkit

Thinking about attending Experience Design 2020? Let us help you convince your colleague or manager to attend. This ROI toolkit includes:Convince your boss letterTop reasons to attendEstimated budget expense sheetand more!To get this toolkit to be sent to you directly, contact us here. 

Speaker Interview Series

Expert Interview: Bianka McGovern, VP, User Experience at Goldman Sachs

Bianka McGovern, VP of User Experience at Goldman Sachs. She was one of the keynote speakers at Experience Design Week last February 25-27 in Denver, CO. Ahead of her keynote Bianka gave her insights on the following:Her role as an experience designer The difference between experience design and user experienceWhy...

Expert Interview: Cindy Chastain, SVP, Customer Experience and Design at Mastercard

Cindy Chastain is the SVP of Customer Experience and Design at Mastercard. She was one of the keynote speakers at Experience Design Week last February 25-27 in Denver, CO. Ahead of her keynote she gave her insights on the following:Her role at Mastercard  What experience design means How experience design drives value...

Expert Interview: Laura Hahn, Head of Design at Priceline.com

Laura Hahn is the Head of Design at Priceline.com and she was a speaker at Experience Design week last Februrary 25-27 at The Oxford Hotel in Denver, CO. Ahead of the event, we interviewed Laura for her insights on:Why design is boringCreating the ideal experience through designThe shift in user...

Expert Interview: Albert Whitley, Director of Experience Design & VoC at The Hartford

Albert Whitley, the Director of Experience and VoC at The Hartford, leads the transformation of complex business and customer challenges into memorable, winning digital experiences while improving business economics. Albert is a design leader with over 17 years of experience in creating beautiful and innovative digital experiences and he was...

Speaker Podcast Series

Podcast: How 7-Eleven Uses Experience Design to Transform the Retail Experience

UX designers Benjamin Judy and Lily Bather discuss how they're building the next generation of 7-Eleven digital products to transform convenience retail into an on-demand experience. Lily is an interaction designer who is working to enhance the retail experience by crafting 7-Eleven’s next generation of software applications, like the 7NOW...

Podcast: Innovation at Amazon with Head of UX Research and Design, Meghan Borsic

How do you become the largest e-commerce company in the entire world? User experience design. Amazon is constantly experimenting and rolling out new features that put the customer first, experimenting with same-day delivery, drones, and even brick-and-mortar stores. Meghan Borsic, Head of UX Research & Design for Consumer Electronics at...

Podcast: ADP's Margot Dear Talks UX Design and How It Changed Company Culture

ADP's innovation centers in Pasadena, CA and Chelsea, New York are a hive of prototyping, testing and experimentation. Margot Dear, senior director of customer experience for ADP's compliance solutions, tells CCW Digital about how the agile movement around design thinking caused a sweeping culture change in the organization.  "All of...

Industry Perspectives

Industry Perspectives: Abstract

Tim Van Damme the Principal Designer at Abstract shares his thoughts on effortless user journeys, an experience design milestone and the challenges Abstract face in the experience design industry. Abstract is a sponsor of Experience Design Week and they will be at XDW this February 25-27 in Denver, Co.

Industry Perspectives: IN2 Innovation

Brian Roderman, President, Chief Innovation Officer at IN2 Innovation reveals what effortless user journeys mean to him and his organization, a transformational experience with a client, the top challenges in the industry and a fun fact about IN2 Innovation. Join Brian and IN2 Innovation at Experience Design Week this February...