Jarrod Joplin

SVP Experience Design Bank of America

Why Jarrod?

Growing up with a mom who was an artist and a dad who was a businessman, Jarrod was predestined to be a designer. Earning formal degrees in psychology and design, for the past two decades, Jarrod has been working professionally as a designer and learning how to design better, products and services by understanding the people for which we design for. Cutting his teeth in graphic design, he has embraced the growth journey of the practice of design. A journey where he has had the opportunity to design multi-sensory experiences, brand identity systems, publications, websites, native apps, software, services, product design teams, and human-centered design models for multi-functional design engagement at scale. For the last seven years, Jarrod has been working to scale the human-centered design approach within Fortune 100 companies such as IBM, USAA and now at Bank of America in San Francisco. He has learned the importance of building a strong design culture with interdisciplinary teams and collaborating with a broad set of stakeholders focused on problem, aligning as one team, and moving towards a goal to deliver valuable customer experiences. He is a devout believer in human-centered design, design thinking, agile methodologies and is continually working to provide delightful product experiences that have a positive impact in the world, all while learning lots of lessons along the way. 

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