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We are the Global Community of Designers and Innovators Obsessed with Human Centered Design.

A division of the Customer Management Practice focusing on everything Innovation & Design, we live by the mission: applicable beyond mere inspiration. This means that we not only bring thought leaders, but we bring the tools, techniques, and network that move design and innovation from idea to implementation to help organizations drive meaningful change that sustains business in the experience economy.

We have a ranging maturity in both individual and organization, characterized by leaders who have the ability to insight change in their organizations. We are focused industry agnostic to enterprise leaders and best in class solution providers.


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About Customer Management Practice

The Customer Management Practice is a division of IQPC solely focusing on all things customer management. Design & Innovation Global is brought to you by the Customer Management Practice, the analyst, advisor and industry network for all things customer management with our focus being Design, CX, and Customer Contact. The goal: exceed the growing expectations of today's experience driven economy by generating unforgettable professional development experiences that simply can’t be ignored.