Experience Design 2020 Custom Agenda

By: Teresa Lee

This year at Experience Design, we are highlighting the boundaries of Experience and highlighting the diverse landscape of successful experience design implementation. With this, selecting your agenda journey can be tricky, so we’ve helped highlight some sessions to match your needs.

But before we dive right into discussing individual sessions, let’s learn how the sessions divided into three different categories: Data & Technology, Culture & People, and Innovation & Design.

First off, the Data & Technology sessions will address rising challenges from the advancement of technology and data. Utilizing tools & technology truly drives an efficient customer journey, particularly with the impact of machine learning & AI in driving points of analysis within the current customer journey.

  • Anthony Paul, Global Product Strategy and Foresight from Applied Innovation, will be discussing about pain points can be highlighted in an instant, behavioral patterns illustrated, and opportunities for a truly self-sufficient journey possible in the customer journey workshop series.

In the Culture & People section, there will be heavy discussion about the necessity of cultural transformation toward human-centered design. Reflecting the demographic of your customers enables better experience design, but also impacts employee satisfaction and comfort.

  • Yauri Delancour, Design Lead & Experience Design Practice Founding Member from Fannie Mae, will show how to prioritize an employee base as diverse as your customers, methods of promoting digital expertise in low impact, and how to evaluate internal structures and biases in recruitment.

Lastly, the Innovation & Design sector is possibly the most thought-provoking sector, for it is looking at the most advanced and compelling experiences, process, service and thinking. Here, the attendees will walk through the abridged version of the sprint, understanding all key components and taking away best practices for facilitation within their own teams and organizations.

  • Joe Smiley, Experience Strategy & Design Director from E*Trade, will explore the concept of strategic design in larger transformation. This includes how to utilize empathy in all initiatives, drive design in all strategic initiatives, and maintain design as a catalyst for innovation and ideation.