Special Report: Retail CX

Special Report: Retail CX

Since 62% of customers say they will switch to a competitor after just 2 bad experiences, the customer experience obviously ranks as a top business concern. It is especially crucial for B2C retail organizations, who are very much in the experience business. The CX is the heart of what they do -- the main mechanism in which they connect with customers, and the primary way they achieve competitive differentiation. Perenially important, CX strategy is particularly urgent as new trends and customer demands uniquely affect the B2C space.

Our Special Report on Customer Experience For Retail helps you navigate the state of the retail CX.  More importantly, it uncovers exciting new opportunities -- and details clear steps to success. Topics include:

  • 4 unique challenges/trends that are impacting the retail CX
  • The one customer experience “trap” all retailers need to avoid
  • The silver bullet that can improve the customer experience – in any industry
  • Top 7 objectives for the retail customer experience
  • 10 ways to create the ideal customer experience
  • A customer experience assessment test

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