Tues, April 13 | Workshop Day

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The first day of DTVX 2021 will allow you to learn from leading Design Thinkers, experts and practitioners through highly interactive virtual workshops that will provide everything from the fundamentals to the more intermediate and advanced applications of Design Thinking from the comfort of your own home.

Back by popular demand! 

Looking for a hands-on workshop to help you enter the magical world of Design Thinking? Look no further.

Learn from the leading Design Thinking authority in modern business. Hosted by IDEO U, join us for a one-day, highly interactive virtual workshop that will provide a crash course on the fundamentals of Design Thinking from the comfort of your own home.

This introduction to Design Thinking will take an in-depth look into the foundational skills that a human-centered approach offers. You will leave with an actionable toolkit and practical lessons to take back and apply throughout your own organization – both at the project and functional levels.


Coe Leta Stafford, PhD



Kaison Tanabe

Growth Experimentation & Performance Marketing, IDEO U

3:00 pm - 4:30 pm Embedding Experimentation

Anuraag Verma - VP of Customer Development, Feedback Loop

Test & Learn is increasingly seen as the cornerstone of innovation and, as such, leadership teams at both startups and large organizations are looking to better foster a Test & Learn culture. Embedding Experimentation is tailored to teams seeking practical ways to become more responsive to the needs of their most important stakeholder: the customer. This workshop will focus on the opportunities, constraints and challenges of creating and embedding a new Test & Learn culture, and accelerating product development initiatives. The end goal is to shift away from incremental development to step-change innovation. At the end of this workshop, leaders should be able to:

  • Describe how a Test & Learn approach can reduce the time, risk and cost associated with developing products, strategies, and new ventures
  • Apply a ‘customer-first’ methodology for solving product, marketing, and innovation challenges
  • Create an environment where teams are empowered to drive innovation through experimentation

Anuraag Verma

VP of Customer Development
Feedback Loop

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm Lean Innovation by Design

Nata Abbott - Service Design Practice Director, USAA

The objective of Lean is to align every part of the organization to deliver Value to the Customer. Service Design introduces a holistic approach by considering both how customers interact with a product or service and the needs and goals of your business. A practical application of Service Design is a way to achieve alignment across various teams by applying human-centered design principles to integrate your customer’s needs into your operations with a Lean framework. Join this workshop as Nata explores how to:

  • Leverage a Lean Service Design framework to identify opportunities in the management of experiences
  • Cultivate alignment across business units, operations, customer support teams and design organizations in order to better serve your customers

Nata Abbott

Service Design Practice Director

1:30 pm - 3:00 pm Design Thinking and Problem Framing for a Better Business Agility Transformation

Andrés Ospina - SVP, Head of User Centered Design, City National Bank

Design Thinking is currently being used by many companies as a way of working to solve a wide range of problems that affect humans inside and outside their organization. Business Agility is an outcomes-based model that helps companies and leaders align around a common vision to cascade a culture of continuous learning by iteratively measuring the impact of key objectives, experiments, and results. In this workshop, you will learn how to implement Design Thinking into the Business Agility process to more accurately understand, scope, and frame the right problems to solve, before you “go outside of the building” and talk to the customer. Join Andrés as he uncovers practical takeaways around how to:


  • Inject Design Thinking into your Business Agility and/or Agile Delivery frameworks
  • Discover how to use a practical Design Thinking framework to define OKRs 
  • Learn the key moments and methods to frame and reframe problems in your innovation process
  • Leverage problem framing techniques to ignite the adoption of Design Thinking in any organization and team

Andrés Ospina

SVP, Head of User Centered Design
City National Bank