Top UX Leaders to Look Out For

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Teresa Lee

Top UX Leaders to Look out for

Being a leader is definitely not something everyone can do. In fact, most design leaders encompass several qualities that set them apart from just average designers. Here are some of the top UX leaders that you should check out to see what they’re doing differently to enhance user experience!

Jon Fox

Jon Fox is a design leader, who manages and scales teams throughout Los Angeles and cofounded NELAUX, a local meetup organization with 2,000 members fostering the Northeast LA UX community. You can find him regularly teach and speak on design thinking at local events and conferences across the country!

Laura Klein

Laura Klein is a highly respected UXer especially in the LinkedIn space. With over 80,000 followers, she’s the author of Build Better Products as well as an active podcaster of “What is Wrong with UX.” Tune into her and Kate Rutter where they yell at each other how to make products suck slightly less.  As she would say, “developing a great product that people actually want to buy and use is another story.”

Tanner Christensen

Currently a product design leader at Lyft, Tanner Christensen designs software for autonomous vehicles. In the digital space, this means partnering closely with product management and engineering leadership to align on the what and how of a project while delivering the why. Check out his personal blogs on his thoughts on product design, creativity, entrepreneurship, teamwork, productivity, and more!

James Alonso

James Alonso is incredibly design-saavy and I’m sure his 31k followers on Instagram can agree! A lot of his designs are inspired by colors, geometry and design in general. If you’re ever in need of design inspiration, his website consists all sorts of colorful, eye-catching designs featuring bold graphics, and remains committed to building products that have the potential to change the world for the better.