Women in Design

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Teresa Lee

Women in Design

Thanks to media, more and more people are aware of women’s call for equal rights as men. While there’s still a long way to go, it did bring the topic up to people’s radar, and people have been making more effort to bridge this gap.

Even though the UX industry does have about 51% female to 48% male ratio (1% preferred not to say), people often disregard the fact that there aren’t a lot of women with senior roles. And despite a lot of the males are dominating the leadership roles, I’d like to highlight incredibly talented women who are THRIVING in today’s digitized design space.

  1. Jan Cavan

Based in Southern California, Jan is an incredible illustrator who showcases an array of colorful cartoons, icons, and illustrations. Her work has been featured in from a diverse range of renowned companies and publications such as PBS, Mashable and Smashing Magazine. When she’s not pursuing passions in arcade basketball, DIY furniture or playing the ukulele, she does a lot of web design public speaking events.

  1. Jessie Ren

Jessie Ren is a UX designer based in San Francisco, currently works as a Senior UX Designer at YouTube. Check out her Dribble to see some interactive animations she has created when she was formerly working as a Design Lead at Evernote. She also mentors students at Designlab and is a product designer by academics.

  1. Julie Zhuo

The VP of Product Design at Facebook, Julie Zhuo is in charge of designing the Faebook app. She is also a published author of “The Making of a Manager” where she gives a both approachable and comprehensive guide for those making the transition into management. Read her writing on Medium where she discusses a range of topics from her challenge as a woman of color to balancing her work-life balance.