How Businesses are Matching to Customers’ Needs during COVID-19

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Teresa Lee

COVID-19 took the entire world by surprise. It feels like it was merely just a few days ago when people were carrying on with their lives. What was once considered a minor flu, has quickly escalated to now a worldwide pandemic.

With the virus exponentially growing at an alarming rate, most businesses and big conglomerates are taking extensive precautionary measures in order to keep their customers’ health in check. For instance, most employees are told to work from home, if possible. Restaurants still remain open, but can only offer take-out or delivery options to their customers. While some businesses stay glum about the whole situation, some are navigating ways to still appease their customers and their needs.

As some of you have already experienced, companies have taken stride in communicating with their customers. Some include personal letters from the CEOs of the company themselves. This not only shows that they’re acknowledging the severity of the situation, but shows empathy as well.

Companies have also been adapting to a new and improved customer experience in light of the situation. For example, Uber Eats launched promotions to drive local business sales; Uber Eats is waiving the delivery free on all independent restaurants and a new feature that allows all restaurants to receive daily payouts, rather than the typical billing cycle. They also are providing a contactless delivery system to minimize the point of contact in between deliveries.

Not only are they focusing on their customers, but UberEat is offering support for their employees and community. They’re offering the Uber delivery people and drivers with financial assistance, preventing them from working. The assistance will be based “on average daily earnings over the last six months.” They’re also donating 300,000+ free meals on Uber Eats to healthcare workers and first responders in the U.S. and Canada.

With such transparency, more and more customers are viewing the company in a newfound positive outlook. Once everything returns back to normalcy, people will remember which companies have taken the extra step to focus on their customers.